About Us


From a very young age, "SKe" alias Craig Skehan has been an artist and creative genius. There is nothing he can not fix or make. With a background in metal recycling, his love of steel and iron was born. So many items that were designated for scrap were collected by Ske and created into something new and unique. Our home was filled with beautiful garden chairs, unusual birdbaths, industrial lamps and other bespoke pieces.  With his talent of making things combined with our love of vintage, SKe&Me was formed.

"Me", well I knew there were other people like us who feel that we need to appreciate items from the past and reuse what we can.  I also knew that I couldn't keep Ske's talents all to myself and that others should benefit from what Ske makes.  Mind you I am tempted to keep each and every item! From our quirky lamps to our magnificent daybeds, we are helping save our planet from added landfill whilst making items that will become a family heirloom. 

When you purchase from SKe&Me, you are supporting a small Australian business as each piece is totally handmade in our Melbourne based studio.  You are also supporting the industry of recycling which is so super important.